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JurAlp Enduro Tour – Same team, same spirit, but different !



Driven by passion by volunteers, who had no other objective than to offer participants to discover their best trails in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the Enduro Helveti'Cup was born in 2016. Its goal: to create a swiss Enduro championship, which back in the time did not exist yet on the Swiss territory.  More than a championship, through its various events, it is a real community of riders that has been created and that still meets with pleasure year after year. 

It is with this in mind that Bold Cycles founder Vincenz Droux and Bold Cycles decided to join forces in 2019: the spirit of Enduro and the Helveti'Cup fully corresponded to what Bold wished to promote: values such as sharing good vibes and friendship, a good atmosphere and a good tug of war between friends! Bold has thus committed itself to the Enduro Helveti'Cup as a "naming partner" for a period of 3 years.  Today the partnership has come to an end, but the state of mind and the vision of the Enduro remain largely shared with Vincenz. He has also been on the podium several times during the different events in which he participated!  The committee of the Enduro Helveti'Cup would like to thanks him a thousand times for his commitment to our side and naturally wishes the best to Bold Cylces for its further development.

For 2022, we are excited to announce some changes, already initiated in 2021. More than ever, we want to focus on the essence of Enduro : a mix of sharing and competition, with a good dose of passion. We want to bring together events that share the same values, the same spirit, within a single tour, regardless of race formats ... or any geographical boundaries. The Enduro Helveti'Cup leaves its place to the "JurAlp Enduro Tour", a cross-border enduro challenge, which as its name indicates, will be concentrated on the Jura and Alpine massifs!

For 2022, 4 rounds are scheduled:

- Enduro des Monts Jura - Lelex/Crozet; France - July 30 + 31

- Chaumont Super D - Hauterive; Switzerland - August 13

- Enduro de la Pipe - Septmoncel ; France - August 21

- Rock the Besso - Zinal ; Switzerland - September 10th

With the objective of mixing the formats, letting organizers being creative, and leaving the framework proposed by the EWS, the Juralp tour will host various events including "blind racing", events with pre-race training, long, epic races as well as shorter ones, and why not a "Mass Start". We are convinced the Juralp Enduro Tour will fulfill the wishes of a good number of riders. Thus the general classification which will be established will see rewarded the most assiduous and the most polyvalent pilots.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the trails of the "JurAlp Enduro Tour"!


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